Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is High Conflict Institute

HCI helps professionals and individuals understand high conflict personalities and manage high conflict situations with confidence and skill.

What resources do you offer

HCI offers evidence-based methods and techniques and provides training, consulting, coaching and educational resources, including written and visual media.

How do I get in touch with you

Click here for our easy-to-use contact page.

Do you offer group trainings

We certainly do. Start with our professional training page, which explains the full range of what we offer.

Can you refer me to an HCI trained lawyer, mediator, therapist or other professional

We do not make referrals in these areas. Because this is such an important and personal decision, we recommend interviewing at least three professionals before making a decision. Our Splitting book contains a chapter on hiring a lawyer in chapter 8.

Can you testify as an expert witness in my case

We do not testify as expert witnesses in legal proceedings and recommend consulting with your attorney for all legal strategies.

Do you offer parent education classes

We do! Start with our parenting classes page, which explains the full range of what we have to offer.

Do you offer bulk discounts on books

We do! We offer bulk discounts of 30% on orders of twenty copies or more (exceptions apply). Contact us for a discount code to enter on our book ordering checkout page.

I can’t afford a consultation or training. Do you offer any free services

While we don’t offer free services, we have collected articles on a wide variety of topics on our website as an educational resource that we’re proud to provide at no cost, and our On Demand courses at Conflict Playbook are reasonably priced.

Do you offer materials in other languages

Our Conflict Playbook resource will soon be offered in Spanish, Italian and Hebrew.

Do you offer continuing education credits for lawyers?

Yes, we provide courses that are eligible for CLE credit in some jurisdictions in the U.S. HCI is an Approved Provider of CLE credits in California, which is widely accepted in some other states. A few U.S. states accept online CLE credits, so we’ve tailored our courses to meet the critiera of most jurisidictions, e.g. at least one hour in length. A Certificate of Completion is provided upon completion of the course. For continuing education credits in Canada, please visit Learn Formula to purchase HCI courses for CPD credit.

Do you offer continuing education credits for mental health professionals?

We are not an approved provider for CE credits in the U.S. or other countries for mental health practitioners. We recommend checking with your board to inquire whether any of our courses or training will qualify for CE credit in that jurisdiction. Some of our courses and training, particularly New Ways for Families® Counseling Training and Coaching Training, may qualify for continuing education credits. Please check with the authority in your jurisdiction.

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