New Ways Coaching & Classes

When the old ways don’t work, try New Ways to learn how to manage high-conflict situations, relationships, and interactions.

About New Ways

High-conflict situations are frustrating and impactful on your life, whether at work, in your family, in divorce and co-parenting, at school, or anywhere. Ordinary conflict resolutions skills usually don’t work well in high-conflict situations. New ways are required. This is why HCI offers 1:1 coaching for anyone wanting to develop new conflict resolution skills. Choose coaching for ongoing co-parenting, for getting prepared for mediation, or in the workplace. New Ways focuses on learning 4 Big Skills to help you manage any relationship.

Co-Parenting Class + Coaching

Prepare yourself for co-parenting by developing new ways of making decisions, communicating and strengthening your skills for dealing with a co-parent with high-conflict behaviors, with our online class and “live” virtual coaching. 

Pre-Mediation Coaching

Get prepared for mediation to solve any type of dilemma with “live” virtual pre-mediation coaching sessions to help you stay calm, make reasonable proposals and make decisions that can last.

Employee Coaching

Get skilled up for handling high-conflict at work, whether with your boss or a co-worker with “live” virtual 1:1 coaching sessions to help you manage your stress and manage the relationship successfully.

Popular Courses

Which HCI classes do customers love the most? Check out our most popular courses.

Writing for Court: 10 Tips for Persuading Decision Makers

High conflict people are attracted to court and may emotionally sway the court with false or misleading information about you.
The way you write can make a big difference in your case. This course provides ten tips for writing documents so that decision-makers will get a focused understanding of the case. You will gain an understanding that judges have thousands of cases that are similar & have limited time and attention; they very quickly decide how minor or major your case is; and often have an unconscious bias that allegations of abuse are mostly true; or allegations of abuse are mostly false; or both parties are equal contributors to any problems.
Length: 1 hour

Who Are High Conflict People?

This course provides you tools to use to deal successfully with high conflict people in most cases.

A Greater Understanding of ‘Who Are High Conflict People?’ and what makes them tick. Helping you deal with their predictable high conflict behavior in and out of court.

The Brain 101: How to Communicate Effectively with Anyone

Discover an understanding as to what clients may be capable of or incapable of, and what lawyers should do and shouldn’t do to effectively communicate with their clients’ brain.

This course addresses several different aspects of brain science that impact on lawyers and their work with their clients, family members, opposing counsel and others. The purpose is to understand what clients may be capable of or incapable of, and what lawyers should do and shouldn’t do to effectively communicate with their clients’ brains. This course explains six different parts of the brain and two coaching styles that inspire defensiveness or openness to change and creativity.


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