About Us

Where other conflict resolution strategies fail, we provide answers.

Our Mission

The High Conflict Institute offers transformational strategies to deal with high conflict personalities and situations. For individuals and organizations across all industries and continents, HCI’s courses, trainings, and consultations will turn conflict into harmony and help you find your missing peace.

Our Story

HCI is the passion of co-founders Bill Eddy and Megan Hunter. In their years working at the intersections of law, business, education, and mental health, they witnessed how high conflict situations impact all manner of professional and personal environments. They also noticed that typical conflict resolution strategies were wholly unsuccessful in mitigating the damage these situations create.

In 2008, they decided to team up and create the High Conflict Institute – where individuals, professionals, and businesses can turn conflict into harmony and find their missing peace.

How We Help

Through our menu of in-person trainings, on-demand virtual courses, one-on-one consultations, and professional certifications, we give you the guidance and instill the skills to overcome even the most fraught situations. Our strategies create harmony, calm, and balance.

Our Approach

We take an approach that focuses on these principles:

  • people-first
  • trauma-informed
  • trauma solutions
  • no blame/no shame
  • compassion & empathy
  • cultural sensitivity
  • mental health sensitivity

HCI teaches methods and skills for dealing with high-conflict situations and personalities. Our background knowledge on personality disorders helps people understand how to work more effectively with those who they otherwise may not have served.

Our goal is to support professionals to be able to engage all clients, customers, constituents and stakeholders with empathy, dignity and respect, and free from labeling and discrimination.

HCI is committed to nurturing a diverse community dedicated to promoting inclusive excellence and leadership. We welcome and honor all backgrounds, cultures, races, identities, life experiences, perspectives, beliefs, and values. We strive to ensure that all are included in our mission, our work, and our learning inside and outside our organization.