Mental Health

High conflict behaviors, bullying, incivility, and divisiveness put mental health systems and patients at risk. HCI will teach the proper techniques to overcome and find the missing peace.

HCI’s Mental Health Expertise

Mental health professionals deal daily with people who habitually initiate and escalate conflict. People with high conflict personalities are the most challenging, volatile, and high-risk people in our society, and this behavior is only increasing. Our training gives you evidence-based strategies for reducing risk and managing inflammatory behavior.

How HCI Helps

HCI’s training and coaching transforms anyone in the mental health profession by teaching the proper skills to resolve high conflict situations.

Identification of High Conflict People

Using the WEB Method® you will find a quick and easy way to identify high-conflict people.

Management and Mitigation of High Conflict Situations

Using the CARS Method®, you will learn to de-escalate upset people and shift them into problem-solving, and to set limits when necessary.



You will learn how to interact verbally using our CalmB4Think™ and EAR Statement™ techniques. 



You will master written communication that will stop back-and-forth hostile emails and other written communications with our BIFF Response® method.


Our menu of solutions provides flexibility to any professional, business, or organization. From one-on-one consultations to group trainings, we will help you overcome your high conflict situation and bring your professional life back into alignment.

High-Conflict Mental Health Family Law Practitioner

This solution is designed to help mental health professionals who handle family law cases understand and manage high-conflict family law cases.

Custom Training

Custom training for groups of any size, conducted either in-person or virtually. Training is led by one of our co-founders, Bill Eddy or Megan Hunter, or another of HCI’s expert educators.

Live Lab™

A creative lab experience for learning Conflict Communication Skills, such as BIFF and EAR. It is taught by an HCI Coach during live virtual sessions.


One-on-one consultation with our experts when you have a high conflict dilemma in your organization.

Popular Courses

Which HCI classes do customers love the most? Check out our most popular courses.

Who Are High Conflict People?

This course provides you tools to use to deal successfully with high conflict people in most cases.

A Greater Understanding of ‘Who Are High Conflict People?’ and what makes them tick. Helping you deal with their predictable high conflict behavior in and out of court.

De-escalation Technique: Talk to the Right Brain

Are you trying to change the thinking of a difficult person? “Forgedaboudit!!”  We have two basic methods of conflict resolution in our brains: 1. one that’s smart for logical problem-solving and 2. the other that’s fast in a crisis (but that’s not so smart). In this fascinating video, Bill Eddy explains how you can choose which part of your brain you will use, and how to influence the way another person’s brain will respond to you. Learn why some people just don’t get it and how you can learn to “talk to the right brain” in order to have a productive conversation with a high conflict person.

How to Write a BIFF Response®

An absolute game-changer in responding to hostile emails, texts or social media posts.  Learn how by being BRIEF, INFORMATIVE, FRIENDLY and FIRM will be your ultimate ‘go to’ tool in your toolbox.

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HCI’s offerings have satisfied customers worldwide.
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I was stymied by some clients because I couldn’t seem to help them with the tools that worked with my other clients. Now I understand why I couldn’t and how to handle them differently.
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Before this training, my staff were often pulled in the wrong direction by high-conflict individuals who were emotionally persuasive. All it took was a short training with Bill Eddy to help them understand what could be happening and to maintain a healthy skepticism always.
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Big eye opener when Bill said, “Don’t work harder than your clients.” Now I watch for it and adapt my approach.

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