High conflict behaviors, bullying, incivility, and divisiveness put healthcare systems and patients at risk. HCI will teach the proper techniques to overcome and find the missing peace.

HCI’s Healthcare Expertise

Healthcare professionals deal daily with people who habitually initiate and escalate conflict - whether patients, families, or internally. People with high conflict personalities are the most challenging, volatile, and high-risk people in our society, and this behavior is only increasing. Our training gives you evidence-based strategies for reducing risk and managing inflammatory behavior.

How HCI Helps

HCI’s training, consulting, and coaching transforms organizations and employees by teaching the proper skills to resolve high conflict situations.

Identification of High
Conflict People

Using the WEB Method® you will find a quick and easy way to identify high-conflict people.

Management and Mitigation of High Conflict Situations

Using our CARS Method® you will have the strategies to manage high conflict clients, opposing counsel, and other professionals.


You will learn how to interact verbally with an EAR Statement™.


You will master written communication with a BIFF Response®.


You will learn a proposal-focused strategy for making decisions and reaching agreements in high-conflict situations.



You will learn how to prepare for, structure and manage meetings that have potential for a high-conflict disruption.


Our menu of solutions provides flexibility to any professional, business, or organization. From one-on-one consultations to group trainings, we will help you overcome your high conflict situation and bring your professional life back into alignment.

Custom Training

Custom training for groups of any size, conducted either in-person or virtually. Training is led by co-founder, Bill Eddy or Megan Hunter, or another of HCI’s expert educators.

New Ways for Work®

This hybrid course is for executives, workplace coaches, and human resources and certifies you as an HCI provider.


One-on-one consultation with our high conflict experts when you have a high conflict dilemma in your organization.

Conflict Influencer Certification

This solution is designed to reduce complaints and high conflict interactions in 70 days without exhaustion, frustration, or workplace stress.

On-Demand Courses

Our on-demand opportunities offer 1-3 hour courses to increase your organization’s ability to deal with high conflict.

Live Lab™

A creative lab experience for learning Conflict Communication Skills, such as BIFF and EAR. It is taught by an HCI during live virtual sessions.

Popular Courses

Which HCI classes do customers love the most? Check out our most popular courses.

So, What’s Your Proposal? Using Proposals with High Conflict Clients

Everyone has been in a situation where their suggestions were met with angry replies, criticisms or “explanations” of why the suggestion will fail. For mediators, lawyers, therapists, supervisors and anyone else in a negotiation or argumentative situation- this video explains a simple, innovative technique to shift a high-conflict or upset person from complaining and nitpicking to problem solving. Learn how using a basic “Yes, No or I’ll think about it” strategy stops the blame game in 30 seconds so the parties can reach agreements.

De-escalation Technique: Talk to the Right Brain

Are you trying to change the thinking of a difficult person? “Forgedaboudit!!”  We have two basic methods of conflict resolution in our brains: 1. one that’s smart for logical problem-solving and 2. the other that’s fast in a crisis (but that’s not so smart). In this fascinating video, Bill Eddy explains how you can choose which part of your brain you will use, and how to influence the way another person’s brain will respond to you. Learn why some people just don’t get it and how you can learn to “talk to the right brain” in order to have a productive conversation with a high conflict person.

New Ways for Work® Coaches Training

We teach a simple approach to learning key interpersonal skills in the workplace Using a Coaching Manual and a Coaching Workbook why not provide: coaching sessions as another option for dealing with difficult situations in the workplace intensive skill building which creates a cohesive team and environment!
➔ 4 hours of On-Demand Training by Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. to understand and manage high conflict situations caused by high conflict people
➔ 8 hours of Live Stream Training to learn, develop and apply the coaching skills through interactive role play and get direct feedback from your trainer.

Unlimited on-demand online access to:
Digital version of the New Ways for Work – Workbook (not a pdf)
Digital version of the New Ways for Work Coaching Manual (not a pdf)

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I had HCI train my entire practice–from reception to physicians. The difference in culture has been astounding because they have skills now instead of engaging in their old ways.
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Our doctors and nurses were in perpetual conflict, negatively impacting our services and most importantly, our patients. With some 1:1 coaching, the conflict calmed considerably and patient care improved.
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