Customer Service

Customer service specialists handle a high volume of contacts and work toward fair and reasonable outcomes. They also regularly encounter people who habitually initiate and escalate conflict. HCI will teach the proper techniques to overcome and find the missing peace.

Customer Service

HCI’s Customer Service Expertise

People with high conflict personalities present the greatest challenge for customer service, because they present difficult, unreasonable and even threatening behavior. And anyone who works in the field can tell you that this kind of behavior is on the rise. Our training gives you evidence-based strategies for reducing risk and managing inflammatory behavior.

How HCI Helps

HCI’s training, consulting, and coaching transforms organizations and employees by teaching the proper skills to resolve high conflict situations.

Identification of High Conflict People

Using our WEB Method® you will find a quick and easy way to identify potentially high
conflict people.

Verbal Communication

You will learn how to interact verbally using our CalmB4Think™ and EAR Statement™ techniques. 

Written Communication

You will master written communication that will stop back-and-forth hostile, blaming emails and other written communications with our BIFF Response® method. 


Our menu of solutions provides flexibility to any professional, business, or organization. From one-on-one consultations to group trainings, we will help you overcome your high conflict situation and bring your professional life back into alignment.

Customer Service & Ombuds Certification

Coming in 2024. This 3-hour on-demand course teaches you to successfully handle potentially high conflict customers and complainants.

Custom Training

Custom training for groups of any size, conducted either in-person or virtually. Training is led by co-founder, Bill Eddy or Megan Hunter, or another of HCI’s expert educators.

Live Lab™

A creative lab experience for learning Conflict Communication Skills, such as BIFF and EAR. It is taught by an HCI during live virtual sessions.

Popular Courses

Which HCI classes do customers love the most? Check out our most popular courses.

Who Are High Conflict People?

This course provides you tools to use to deal successfully with high conflict people in most cases.

A Greater Understanding of ‘Who Are High Conflict People?’ and what makes them tick. Helping you deal with their predictable high conflict behavior in and out of court.

How to Write a BIFF Response®

An absolute game-changer in responding to hostile emails, texts or social media posts.  Learn how by being BRIEF, INFORMATIVE, FRIENDLY and FIRM will be your ultimate ‘go to’ tool in your toolbox.

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HCI’s offerings have satisfied customers worldwide.
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I didn’t want to hear even one more complaint from a customer–until I learned to use CalmB4Think strategy (EAR Statements and thinking shifts). Now I’m way less stressed.
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Working as an ombudsperson requires a high skill level. HCI provides the necessary tools to help those who were previously considered unhelpable. And I no longer pass them along to the next level.
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You won't regret it. We've seen amazing results already. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

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