Tips on Offering Mediation to a High Conflict Employee

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©2017 Michael Lomax, JD Imagine you are a manager, and you have a supervisor who reports to you who is dealing with an employee with high conflict traits.  There has already been a complaint from the employee that the supervisor is abusing their authority over the employee.  You have investigated this complaint and it is […]

Three High Conflict Mediation Techniques That Work!

©2017 Shawn D. Skillin, Esq. Some meditations are easy as pie and others are more like pulling teeth.  Here are three techniques that work when you feel more like a dentist than a mediator. 1.  Making Proposals: Teach your clients how to make proposals in a simple but structured process.  Stick to the structure, after […]

Handling Probate Cases with Toxic Families

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Handling Probate Cases with Toxic Families ©2017 John Edwards & Judy Copeland All families are psychotic.  Everybody has basically the same family, it’s justreconfigured slightly from one to the next. –Douglas Copeland While probate cases can involve banks and charities, most often they involve family members and friends.  “Probate” is used broadly here to refer […]