Narcissists as Leaders: Good or Bad for Your Organization?

©2013 Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. Whether in business, politics or workgroups, there is a natural tendency to select narcissistic leaders. They are attracted to leadership roles as part of their personalities – their drive for extra respect and extra attention; their belief in their own ideas; their enjoyment of winning contests; their ability to charm […]

Collaborative Practice and BIFF Responses®

© 2013 By Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. Last weekend, I participated in the annual CP-Cal conference: Collaborative Practice – California. There were about 160 attendees, with numerous workshops and a few plenary sessions. It’s amazing to see how Collaborative has grown in California in just 8 years! It was fun to see friends and to […]

Guns and Isolated Young Men (Part 3/3)

© 2013 By Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. In my first blog on this subject (April 5, 2013) I mentioned three issues to consider when addressing a social problem – in this case mass shootings. The first issue was to avoid “all-or-nothing thinking” in searching for solutions. The second, discussed in my blog of April 9th, […]