Narcissist in Your Family? 4 Tips for Dealing with Them

According to the DSM-5 manual of mental disorders, up to 6% of the adult population in the United States may have a narcissistic personality disorder. That’s about 20 million people. Chances are good that you or someone you know may be married to a narcissist, the son or daughter of a narcissist, the parent of a narcissist, or a sibling or a cousin. If so, you know that it can be very hard to cope with their constant criticisms, arrogant statements, preoccupation with themselves, disparaging remarks, and demands for admiration. Not only does this get tiresome, it can also wear down your own self-esteem, be exhausting, and absorb a huge amount of your time with nothing received in return. This article gives some suggestions for how you can deal with them without getting stuck in the mud or disliking yourself.

Malignant Narcissism: Does the President Really Have It?

Recently, public figures have said President Trump was a “con man,” “had malignant narcissism” and George Conway tweeted the cover of the DSM-5 and told people to look at “narcissistic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder.”  

When Massachusetts governor, William Weld, was exploring running against the president as a Republican, in part because of Trump’s “malignant narcissism”1  I wanted to educate the public on what EXACTLY that means.  And really look at how one can determine whether President Trump suffers from this disorder.

This brought about the idea for my article posted on Psychology Today:

Malignant Narcissism: Does the President Really Have It?*



Walls, Wars and Parades: Understanding Narcissistic Leaders

walls with grafitti

©2019 Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq.   WALLS:  Dividing people into winners and losers.WARS:  Highly defensive, the slightest criticism may send them into battle.PARADES:  Demands excessive doses of admiration and takes credit for what others have done.   A bio/psycho/social theory of why their patterns of behavior are predictable. It may be a narcissistic supervisor, business owner or political […]