How to Spot High Conflict People (before it’s too late to avoid them)

©2018 Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. High conflict people (HCPs) have high conflict personalities. This means they have an ongoing pattern of all-or-nothing thinking, unmanaged emotions, extreme behavior or threats, and a preoccupation with blaming others. They have a Target of Blame, whom they regularly bully, harass, blame, humiliate, annoy, spread rumors about, and subject to many […]

The Mediator’s Role in Decision Making

©2017 John C Edwards, Esq. In a previous article, I wrote about the importance of leaving the critical decision making up to the parties to a mediation, especially if the party has a “high conflict personality.”  (I will refer to people with a high conflict personality as an HCP.)  As a mediator, my goal is […]

Possible HCP Kills Former Boss, Injures Lawyer after Mediation

© 2013 By Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. On Wednesday, Jan. 30th, a 70-year-old man shot and killed the chief executive of a company he previously worked for and shot the executive’s lawyer, after a mediation session at a law office in the Phoenix area. CBS 5 News reported that he had a reputation as “angry, […]