EAR Statements for the Holidays

©2021 Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. The past two years have been stressful throughout the world, with endless Covid, endless crazy weather, and endless political tensions. Now that it’s the holidays, you would think that we could relax and enjoy each other’s company. But with Omicron, new vaccine and mask mandates, and everything else, tensions continue […]

Using the CARS Method® to Deal with High Conflict People and Situations

 ©2018 Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. Have you noticed that high-conflict people (HCPs) and high-conflict behavior are rapidly increasing in today’s interconnected world? They can pop up anywhere as upset family members, violent partners, angry co-workers, bullying managers, arrogant business owners and dangerous politicians. HCPs can look and act great when you get to know them, […]