What Children Tell a Divorce Lawyer

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What Children Tell a Divorce Lawyer   ©2017 Shawn D. Skillin, Esq.   Earlier in my career I did work for the court as Minor’s Counsel. I interviewed children and heard firsthand what they thought about their parents’ divorce. Occasionally, as a mediator I still interview children. Here’s what they tell me. They love both […]

The Farmer’s Market(ing) Of Divorce

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The Farmer’s Market(ing) Of Divorce   ©2016 Deborah S. Lyons, Ph.D.   Lately I’ve found myself at one of those nodal points in life where we examine past decisions with a willingness to take risks and address the problem in a new and different way.   One such arena for me was the manner in which […]

I’m Done! 4 Rules to Remember in a High Conflict Divorce

Your divorce isn’t like your friends divorce, yours is different. Your divorce is high conflict. You need strong and secure boundaries, clear and concise communication and you need to document your Ex’s manipulative behaviors.