Solutions for High Conflict at Work with Guest Cherolyn Knapp

In workplace conflict, handling complaints, upset employees and high conflict situations is taxing, leaving many organizations feeling stuck or without options other than termination or throwing hands up in the air and living with it. But there is a method to help employees learn necessary skills — a method called New Ways for Work: Personal Skills for Productive Relationships.

In this episode, Bill and Megan are joined by Cherolyn Knapp, lawyer, mediator, workplace investigator and HCI’s newest speaker/trainer. Together they will discuss:

  • high conflict situations in the workplace
  • whether conflict increased during covid and if so, why
  • observations about how HR, coaches, management and others handle high conflict situations — and whether what they’re doing is working
  • New Ways for Work as a skills-building tool for helping calm high conflict situations by teaching skills
  • how New Ways for Work can help anyone who coaches challenging workplace conflict, including high conflict situations
  • Cherolyn’s top 3 tips for HR, coaches, anyone working with high conflict situations

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