Narcissistic Co-Parents, Borderline Spouses, and Intimidating Behaviors

In this episode Megan and Bill answer listener questions:

  • “I’m going through a high conflict custody case with someone who it would appear has some form of Narcissistic High Conflict Personality. I was wondering if you could point me in a useful direction regarding how to help my toddler through this really terrible custody battle and beyond.”

  • “I really struggle to know how to handle situations where a decision needs to be made quickly and we [the HCP and I] have opposite approaches in mind. For instance, a decision about whether to hold someone else to account (who I don’t believe really did anything wrong). I’d love wisdom on how to manage intimidating behavior (when they are intimidating you into following their instructions). Would you ever recommend quietly explaining the problem to someone else who is caught up in the situation?”

  • “Can someone develop Borderline Personality Disorder traits from living with someone with BPD (or BPD traits)? And how do I find a good counselor for myself that can help me recover from living with her?”

Links & Other Notes

Note: We are not diagnosing anyone in our discussions, merely discussing patterns of behavior.

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