Is Putin a Malignant Narcissist? If So, Can We Predict His Future Actions?

Putin’s attack on Ukraine. Why is he doing it? What drives him to act with such ferocity to destroy a county, innocent civilians, children? In this episode, Bill and Megan discuss whether Putin is a malignant narcissist, what that means, and whether his future actions can be predicted with this knowledge.

To get insight into this personality type and how it manifests in Putin’s framework, listen in as Bill and Megan discuss The Heart of Man: Its Genius for Good and Evil by Erich Fromm wherein Fromm explains malignant narcissism in leaders, along with these important notes:

  • What do malignant narcissists want?
  • Do they want unlimited power over others?
  • Are malignant narcissists unusual and rare? Or do we find them in the workplace and in political leadership?
  • Why is this happening now?
  • Does Putin think he can get away with what he’s doing?
  • Does he have the ability to stop himself?
  • What is needed by Ukraine and by the world to stop him?

This is one of our most important episodes — one that everyone should hear to gain an understanding of the realities of what the world is dealing with and what, if anything, can be done to stop him.

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