Erasing Family with Guest Director Ginger Gentile

Erasing Family. In this age of cancellation, it’s not so rare. In the divorce and child custody (family court) world, the cancellation has been a “thing” for a long time. Cancellation of the child’s other parent and even extended family is common.

In this episode, Bill and Megan are joined by Ginger Gentile, director of the Erasing Family documentary. Erasing Family follows young adults fighting to reunite with their broken families. Part emotional roller coaster, part investigative exposé, the film “follows the money” exposes why loving moms and dads are erased from their kid’s lives by divorce.

Bill and Megan will talk with Ginger about the documentary and discuss:

  • why kids are often unaware they are alienated from a parent
  • what should a parent say and do when their child says they never want to see them again
  • what to do when a child refuses all contact with a parent, if anything
  • top mistakes a parent makes when reuniting with a parent
  • how long it can take to reunite – whether it’s a process or can it be resolved in a day
  • the patterns that all families who reunite follow
  • biggest changes in alienation in the last decade
  • self-care in alienation
  • listener questions focused on:
  • getting through to the other parent just how damaging their behavior is on the kids; and protecting them from other parents behavior without also engaging in alienation
    1. how to handle other family members who have been pulled into the conflict

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