Dealing with Drama: Histrionic High Conflict People

Histrionic Personality Disorder. It’s all about the drama.

Drama abounds online, on television, in movies, and in everyday life. But have you been around a person who is all drama all the time? With loads of storytelling and emotional persuasion? You may have been around someone with a histrionic high conflict personality.

This type of personality is driven by an intense need to be the center of attention, and when they aren’t, the blame and anger begin. But in the beginning, you may have been charmed by their sometimes flirtatious behavior (not all are this way) and later experienced and been exhausted by their non-stop drama and attention-seeking. Bill and Megan discuss the histrionic high conflict personality type, including:

  • Their need to be the center of attention and fear of feeling ignored
  • The differences between a self-absorbed person and someone with histrionic high conflict personality traits and behaviors
  • Why they exhaust those around them and how others experience their high conflict behaviors
  • How to spot them
  • Statistics on Histrionic Personality Disorder and histrionic HCPs in the U.S.

Understanding and dealing with Histrionic HCPs takes time, but learning about their fear-based operating system as well as learning a few simple skills – like setting limits – will help calm your life and prevent you from burning out.

If you’ve spent much time around someone with a histrionic high conflict personality, you know how exhausting interactions with them can be. Plus, their M.O. in life is it’s all about me, creating lop-sided relationships and one-way interactions. Setting limits is a key skill in turning that around. The first step is to understand their behavior patterns, starting now.

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Note: We are not diagnosing anyone in our discussions, merely discussing patterns of behavior.

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