Dating Radar: High Conflict Types You Might Want to Avoid

There are people you shouldn’t marry, have children with, or have a financial entanglement – people with high conflict personalities. They blame, gaslight, lie, deny, make false allegations, and some will seek to destroy you or your reputation.

These are relationship destroyers – the people who can ruin your life and make you wish you’d never had children with them.

So why do we get involved with them? Why does the brain say ‘yes’ to people who will make your life a living hell? It’s because we don’t have good dating radar and we don’t think we are so stupid that we’d fall into such a horrible relationship.

Megan and Bill discuss the five high conflict personality types and how they behave in romantic relationships, including:

  • Borderline HCPs
  • Narcissistic HCPs
  • Antisocial (sociopath) HCPs
  • Histrionic HCPs
  • Paranoid HCPs

Caveat: Not everyone with these personality disorders has a high conflict personality, but some do. How can you tell? They are the blamers, and they’re no fun in relationships. Listen in as Megan and Bill start this four-part series on Dating Radar.

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Note: We are not diagnosing anyone in our discussions, merely discussing patterns of behavior.

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