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© 2013 By Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq.

In this holiday season we at High Conflict Institute would like to wish you well! It’s a time to reflect on the importance of those close to us who have given us support and encouragement for teaching, writing and consulting about methods for dealing with high conflict people. We have a lot of empathy and respect for those of you dealing with struggles with a high conflict person in your lives. And we also have a lot of empathy for those who have high conflict personalities themselves, and suffer from repeated interpersonal failures and frustrations. We know you probably don’t see your part in these problems, but we hope that someday you can get the help you need to have more successful interpersonal experiences and relationships. We thank you all for a productive year and look forward to working with you in the future!

Bill President, High Conflict Institute

Bill Eddy is a lawyer, therapist, and mediator. He is the co-founder and Training Director of the High Conflict Institute, a training and consultation firm that trains professionals to deal with high conflict people and situations. He is the author of several books and methods for handling high conflict personalities and high conflict disputes with the most difficult people.

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