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Family court is a natural landing place for high-conflict disputes. HCI teaches the proper techniques and strategies to overcome and find the missing peace.

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HCI’s Legal Work

The underlying cause of many family law disputes is behavioral rather than legal. Family law professionals deal frequently with those who habitually initiate and escalate conflict and seem to be attracted to the legal system. People who thrive on conflict and disruption make ordinary conflict resolution impossible. Our training for family law professionals gives you evidence-based strategies for managing high-conflict cases, clients, opposing counsel, and other professionals, thereby reducing risk, managing inflammatory behavior, setting limits on extreme actions, and communicating in ways that calm high-conflict situations.

How HCI Helps

HCI’s training and coaching transforms anyone in the legal industry by teaching the proper skills to resolve high conflict situations.

Identification of High Conflict People

Using the WEB Method® you will find a quick and easy way to identify high-conflict people.

Manage High Conflict Clients

Using our CARS Method® you will have the strategies to manage high conflict clients, opposing counsel, and other professionals.


You will learn how to interact verbally with an EAR Statement™.


You will master written communication with a BIFF Response®.


You will have a plethora of resources developed by the High Conflict Institute for your family law clients

Solutions for Family Law

The following trainings and courses will help you deal with that high conflict person or high conflict situation whether in litigation, negotiation, or mediation.

Custom Training

Custom Training We come to your organization, bar association, law society, court or other group with a training customized specifically for you, whether a keynote, conference, or workshop.

High Conflict Legal Dispute Resolver Training

A 10-hour online certification for all legal dispute resolvers.

High-Conflict Mental Health Family Law Practitioner Training

This solution is designed to help mental health professionals who handle family law cases understand and manage high-conflict family law cases.

Live Lab™

A creative lab experience for learning Conflict Communication Skills, such as BIFF and EAR. It is taught by an HCI expert during live virtual practice sessions.


One-on-one consultation when you want strategies on how to handle a specific high conflict case or client.

High-Conflict Mental Health Family Law Practitioner Certification

Coming in 2024!

Popular Courses

Which HCI classes do customers love the most? Check out our most popular courses.

Writing for Court: 10 Tips for Persuading Decision Makers

High conflict people are attracted to court and may emotionally sway the court with false or misleading information about you.
The way you write can make a big difference in your case. This course provides ten tips for writing documents so that decision-makers will get a focused understanding of the case. You will gain an understanding that judges have thousands of cases that are similar & have limited time and attention; they very quickly decide how minor or major your case is; and often have an unconscious bias that allegations of abuse are mostly true; or allegations of abuse are mostly false; or both parties are equal contributors to any problems.
Length: 1 hour

Working With High Conflict Litigants: 10 Tips for Judges

High-conflict litigants can make you feel drained and exhausted and make your work life miserable. They often get stuck in the court process, unable to resolve factual and legal issues because of their preoccupation with blaming others, all-or-nothing thinking, unmanaged emotions, and extreme behavior. Such personality patterns are often associated with personality disorders or traits. This course gives a brief background on five high conflict personality disorders and ten tips for managing them in court and in settlement conferences, and includes tips for ways of talking with high conflict litigants (or any litigants) that are calming and redirecting, while still setting limits and delivering difficult decisions.

Who Are High Conflict People?

This course provides you tools to use to deal successfully with high conflict people in most cases.

A Greater Understanding of ‘Who Are High Conflict People?’ and what makes them tick. Helping you deal with their predictable high conflict behavior in and out of court.

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HCI is the premier high-conflict training institute for high-conflict family law cases. Unmatched.
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Bill Eddy untangled the complexities of high-conflict divorce and co-parenting, and figured out how to handle these cases differently.
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Whether alienation, co-parenting, embattled parents, hurting kids, HCI’s training should be mandatory for every family law professional.

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