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High Conflict People

New Ways for Work: Personal Skills for Productive Relationships

New Ways for Work: The Workbook was developed to give employees and managers training for modern work relationships while in a relationship – a coaching relationship – with an emphasis on practicing four key self-management skills: managed emotions, flexible thinking, moderate behavior and checking yourself. Using numerous writing and discussion exercises, this workbook assists an employee or manager who wants to improve his or her workplace relationship skills while working with a coach in up to 12 coaching sessions.

Improving Your Workplace Skills

Some people will be learning or strengthening these four skills because they have had difficulty in a workplace relationship and were referred for this coaching to improve their skills.

They may have been in “high-conflict” situations where they and/or others used the following negative behaviors: all-or-nothing thinking, unmanaged emotions, extreme behaviors, and blaming others.

In many high-conflict situations, only one person has these characteristics and other people are trying hard to be reasonable. In other high-conflict situations, two or more people have some of these characteristics, although one may be more extreme than the other. In order to avoid being seen as a “high-conflict person,” learning and strengthening the skills in this Workbook will help you do the opposite of the above behaviors.

Advancing in Your Career

Others learning the skills in this Workbook are doing so because they want to advance in their career. Employees and managers who wish to “move up” will benefit themselves by learning and strengthening the use of the same four self-management skills. This is because these skills help you concentrate on your goals even when facing resistance from others or other distractions. These skills will also help you assist other employees in managing difficult situations, without becoming overwhelmed yourself.

Whether you are seeking to improve your skills or advance in your career, we believe you will enjoy learning these skills and find them useful anywhere with anybody – even neighbors, friends, family and strangers.

By practicing these skills, you will be more able to: stay calm in a conflict, find solutions to problems and influence others in a positive direction.


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