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Workplace Conflict

workplace2Have you noticed more people engaging in “high conflict” behavior these days at work? A customer in a store yells loudly at a storeowner or clerk. Someone spits at officer writing a parking ticket. A co-worker sends nasty emails out to the whole department. An employee threatens to hit a co-worker, then claims it was just a joke. A supervisor bullies an employee after the supervisor makes a mistake.

This behavior is considered “high conflict” because it increases conflict instead of reducing or resolving it. This can catch you by surprise, especially when it is done by someone who seemed reasonable at first. Most people with these types of extreme behaviors have a repeated pattern of high-conflict behavior. It’s part of who they are. They didn’t just make a mistake or act out of the blue – they have done this before and will do it again

Our Methods for Managing Conflict in the Workplace

We have two methods for managing conflict in the workplace:

CARS Method

As frustrating as they are, HCPs tend to have predictable patterns of behavior which you can recognize once you learn the warning signs. This means that you can learn effective ways of dealing with them at work (or anywhere!) when you recognize their patterns of behavior. Once you recognize – or even just suspect – that you are dealing with a high-conflict person, there is a four-step method that we have developed that is generally effective at calming their behavior and focusing them on solving problems.

New Ways for Work: Personal Skills for Productive Relationships

New Ways, New Skills

Jobs today are about relationships. Relationships with clients, customers, co-workers, managers, the company and competitors. Yet the personal skills needed to manage these relationships are changing rapidly. Its common knowledge that stress from dealing with other people in the workplace is one of the largest factors affecting job dissatisfaction.

Schedule a Speaker

High Conflict Institute provides speakers to groups and organizations regarding Understanding and Managing High Conflict People in any setting. Our speakers provide keynote addresses, workshops and seminars from 30 minutes to 3 hours. We also provide training sessions of 3 hours to 2 days for professionals, with an emphasis on learning and practicing advanced skills for managing high conflict clients, employees, and others, including training on the CARS Method and New Ways for Work.

Call or email us to schedule a seminar or training session.

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Schedule a Consultation

If you are a professional, business, government agency, non-profit group or other organization dealing with a problem involving a high-conflict person(s), contact us to schedule a confidential one-on-one educational consultation for a fee with Bill Eddy, orGeorgiDiStefano, or one of our other consultants—by phone, Skype or in-person.

Your consultant will discuss your situation and suggest general approaches that you may want to consider.

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BIFF Response for Workplace Communication

BIFF-LOGO-blackHave you ever received an angry email form your customer, blaming you personally for their dissatisfaction and threatening to sue?

Maybe you are a manager who dreads reading the daily complaints in your inbox from Employee X?

Are you frustrated with Mary’s and Jane’s regular rounds of confrontation emails to each other, all of which get copied to you?

A BIFF Response can help! BIFF Responses are Brief, Informative, Friendly and Firm, usually in response to emails or written communication.


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