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Is Divorce Mediation For You?

This 3-minute video clip shows excerpts from a 1-hour dramatization of scenes from a divorce mediation. An experienced mediator (Bill Eddy) guides the process, provides legal information, manages anger and sadness, and helps the parties make proposals and reach agreements. (See order information below)

If you wish to stop in the middle of the video and come back at a later time to view this video, you may want to take note of the time stamp when you stopped, so that when you return, you can fast forward to the place where you left off during your prior viewing.

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Is Divorce Mediation for You?

Are you wondering:

  • • What is the most informed way, at the least expense, to get divorced?
  • • Would I do better in mediation or in court?
  • • What are the basic standards on parenting plans, child support, spousal support and property division (based on California law, although other states are often similar)?
  • • How are substance abuse, restraining orders, child alienation and other problems addressed?
  • • Could I make reasonable decisions with my spouse sitting in the same room?
  • • How does divorce mediation work?

This 1-hour nutshell video helps answer all of those questions. This dramatization of issues and controversies from real cases shows how a neutral mediator guides a controlled process and provides information. The parties raise issues, ask questions of the mediator and each other, make proposals and the final decisions. Disagreements, anger, surprise events, tears and significant progress are all highlighted.

60 Minute Video
90 day access - $29.00
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