Resources for Dealing with
High Conflict People

Past Speaking And Training Events

Bill Eddy and other High Conflict Institute speakers and trainers have given several hundred presentations at conferences and trainings on managing high conflict people in over 25 states, 6 provinces in Canada, France, Australia and Sweden. Please also visit our list of Upcoming Events.

The following is a sampling in the areas of Higher Education, Workplace, Healthcare, Judicial, Lawyers and Related Professionals, Mediators and ADR Professionals, Therapists and Law Enforcement (listed by category):

Higher Education

  1. Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
  2. Mt. Royal University Human Resource Department
  3. Grossmont College, San Diego, CA


  1. San Diego Labor and Employee Relations Association
  2. Employee Assistance Professionals Association
  3. Intel Corporation Human Resource Department
  4. International Ombudsman Association
  5. U.S. Ombudsman Association
  6. Influential Women Executives’ Group, Orange County, CA
  7. Association for Conflict Resolution, Workplace Section Teleseminars
  8. Railcorp National Railroad, Human Resource Professionals Training, Sydney, Australia
  9. Federal Executive Board, Los Angeles, CA
  10. Worker’s Compensation Board, Alberta, Canada


  1. United States Navy Medical Center San Diego
  2. Mesa Vista Psychiatric Hospital
  3. Kaiser Permanente Southern California Medical Group
  4. American Bar Association Health Law Section Conference
  5. Medical College of Wisconsin


  1. Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) Toronto, International Conference
  2. Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) Calgary, Alberta Canada Chapter
  3. Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) Louisiana Chapter
  4. National Judicial College, Adjunct Faculty
  5. Administrative Office of the Court, Lexington, Kentucky
  6. Administrative Law Judges of Social Security Administration
  7. National Judicial College program for Immigration Courts
  8. Association of Judicial Disciplinary Counsel
  9. Administrative Law Judges of the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board
  10. Maryland Court of Appeals Judicial Conference
  11. Arizona Judicial Conference
  12. Alaska Judicial Training
  13. Provincial Court of British Columbia Judicial Conference
  14. Annual Judicial Institute, Judicial Council of California
  15. Cook County Judicial Training, Chicago, IL
  16. Washington DC Superior Court Judges
  17. Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, Social Security Hearing Office Chief Judges
  18. Williamson County Justice Center, Austin, TX
  19. Conciliation Court, Florence, AZ
  20. Columbus, Ohio Guardians ad Litem
  21. Minnesota Judicial Conference
  22. Utah Office of Guardian ad Litem and Parental Defense
  23. Family Law for the Minnesota Judiciary 2012 Conference
  24. Wisconsin Office of Judicial Education

Lawyers and Related Professionals

    Bar Associations

    1. San Diego County Bar Association, Family Law Section
    2. North County Bar Association, Vista, CA
    3. Alaska Bar Association
    4. Washington State Bar Association    
    5. Iowa State Bar Association Continuing Legal Education
    6. CLE Society of British Columbia
    7. Family Law Institute for the Minnesota CLE
    8. Dallas Texas Bar CLE, Dallas
    9. Minnesota Guardian ad Litem Training Institute
    10. State Bar of Wisconsin
    11. Federation of Law Societies, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    12. Orange County Bar Association
    13. Marion County Bar Association, Salem, Oregon
    14. American Bar Association - Family Law Conference

    Family Law

    1. Family Law Pathways Network, Alice Springs, Australia - by Skype
    2. American Bar Association - Family Law Conference
    3. American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
    4. Georgia Chapter American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
    5. Northern California Chapter, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
    6. Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, State and International Conferences
    7. National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges Annual Conference
    8. Louisiana State Bar Association, Family Law Section
    9. New Mexico State Bar Association, Family Law Institute
    10. Family Violence Coordinating Councils, Chicago, IL
    11. University of San Diego, Negotiations Course
    12. Monash University Law Chambers,Melbourne, Australia
    13. Loyola University
    14. Wisconsin Inter-Professional Committee on Divorce
    15. Ottawa High Conflict Forum – Spring Conference
    16. Medicine Hat Family Services, Alberta, Canada
    17. California Alliance of Professional Child Access Monitors
    18. Michael Lomax Law Corporation, Victoria, BC, Canada
    19. Marion County Family Law Advisory Committee, Salem, Oregon

    Collaborative Law Professionals

    1. International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, International Conferences
    2. New Mexico Collaborative Practice Symposium
    3. Maryland Collaborative Practice Council
    4. Victoria Collaborative Law Group, Victoria, British Columbia
    5. Collaborative Practice Manitoba and Manitoba Bar Association
    6. Collaborative Law Institute of Texas
    7. Collaborative Practice-California (CP-CAL) Annual Conference
    8. Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County
    9. Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals

    Elder Law

    1. National Association of Elder Law Attorneys, Maui, HI
    2. Washington State Bar Association-Elder Law Conference
    3. Elder Mediation Training, La Sierra University, Los Angeles, CA

    Related Professionals

    1. American Institute for Certified Public Accountants
    2. Advanced Symposium, Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts
    3. YWCA, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    4. Office of the Information Commissioner, Australia

Mediators and ADR Professionals

  1. MediateBC, Vancouver Canada
  2. Alberta Family Mediation (with Alberta Chapter of AFCC)
  3. 2014 Orange County Mediation Conference, University of California, Irvine
  4. National Conflict Resolution Center, San Diego, CA
  5. Mediation and Restorative Justice Center, Edmonton, Alberta
  6. ABA Dispute Resolution Section Conference, Denver, CO
  7. Pepperdine University School of Law, Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution
  8. Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution
  9. Bellevue Neighborhood Association, Bellevue, WA
  10. Oregon Mediation Association
  11. British Columbia Mediation Roster Society
  12. Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators
  13. North Carolina Family Mediators, Administrative Office of Courts
  14. Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, Melbourne, Australia
  15. National Mediation Conference, Keynote Speaker, Perth, Australia
  16. Mediation Services of Eastern Iowa
  17. New York State Council on Divorce Mediation
  18. Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM)
  19. Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA)owa
  20. Minnesota ADR Annual Conference
  21. Bellevue Mediation, Bellevue, WA
  22. Mediate West, Orange County, California
  23. Ontario Association of Family Mediators


  1. Law School for Social Workers Annual CEU Event, Portland, OR
  2. Kaiser Permanente Psychosocial Clinicians, San Diego, CA
  3. California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
  4. Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada
  5. Mental Health Association of Southwest Florida
  6. International Congress on Law & Mental Health, Paris, France
  7. California Association of School Social Work
  8. San Diego Psychoanalytic Institute
  9. Cincinnati Academy of Professional Psychologists

Law Enforcement

  1. San Diego District Attorney’s Office – All Hands Day (1100 attended)
  2. Municipal Code Enforcement Officers, Mississauga, Ontario
  3. Professional Standards Conference, Calgary Police Service

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